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Our Learning Plan



- student surveys

-staff surveys

-parent surveys


- How can we use an inquiry model to enhance learning across the curriculum?

-How can we continue to build student capacity to grow personal and social awareness at a school,local and global level?

-How can we continue to promote our professional growth through small group inquiry driven by curiosity?

Developing a Hunch

There is growing commitment to deepen our understanding of the OECD Principles of Learning and implement these in our classrooms. These principles are embedded in Inquiry models of instruction.


We are continuing our collaborative work  to explore and develop our capacity in implementing  Inquiry Learning models. Specifically as they relate to STEM, literacy, numeracy and horizontal connectedness.  We are developing our understanding of learner agency as it is reflected through responsibility to self, others and community.

Taking Action

Teachers are exploring  the use of learning maps, provocations, STEM projects, Innovative Learning Environments, technology, place-based learning and other inquiry based models for learning. 


The impact of the actions of teachers in making substantial differences for all learners is assessed and evaluated by systematic collection of class and school-wide data as well as through teachers' participation in the Professional Growth Plan and Teacher Performance Appraisal process. Examples of student learning used to inform teachers, students and parents about the teaching and learning at our school include: material and digital portfolios of learning (FreshGrade posts), learning maps, student self-assessment, student-led conferences, MyEd Report cards, teacher websites, information sessions at PAC meetings, informal email and face-to-face communication, school website and newsletters, and bulletin board displays.